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Court evaluations

Forensic evaluations are generally court-ordered. On some rare occasions, private forensic-like evaluations may be requested outside of a judicial procedure. The evaluations are of several types and fall into the civil or criminal court procedures.

Over the course of my practice, I have conducted or supervised well over 300 forensic evaluations for Swiss (GE, VD, VS, FR, NE, TI, etc.) and North American (Massachusetts) courts.

I actively participate in the training of forensic evaluators and am responsible for a national training program: the Diplôme en expertises psycho-judiciaires pour enfants et adolescents or the Diplom: Rechtspsychologische Begutachtung mit Kindern und Jugendlichen.

Finally, for ten years, since its creation in 1998, I have presided the Swiss Society of Legal Psychology (currently I serve as vice-president). Since 2006, this body recognizes court forensic evaluators who meet minimum standards.

The most common forensic evaluations for which I am experienced are those that examine:

  • the credibility of child victims or witnesses
  • the psychological functioning of families under strain  
  • attribution of guardianship and visitation rights
  • parental capacities and which socio-judicial measures may be required
  • criminal responsibility
  • future dangerousness
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