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Psychotherapist FSP
Specialist in Legal Psychology FSP

Consulting a psychologist, considering psychotherapy or participating in a forensic evaluation is above all a step towards confronting one's personal difficulties and seeking to improve one's lifestyle, the way one thinks and acts. It is engaging in a rich but demanding process of change.

A clinical psychologist is a professional with postgraduate university training in clinical psychology. This training covers human behavior and the multiple techniques that are useful to resolve personal difficulties.

In Geneva, the practice as an independant psychologist must be authorized by the General health board of the Canton of Geneva. The goal is of course to improve on public safety and to offer quality services.

I hope that the information provided across this website will allow you to gain a better understanding of the universe of a psychotherapist as well as a forensic psychologist working in close contact with the judicial system. In particular, I hope that this virtual encounter will stimulate you to envision a human encounter.
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