Psychotherapy is a method that seeks to help a person depending upon his or her needs and objectives.

Psychotherapy may help a person better understand the personal, familial or social problems s/he faces and design strategies to bring about the necessary changes.

Or, a client may present some significant psychological difficulties (e.g., depressed feelings, recurrent relational tensions, etc.) which require treatment. Still other clients may consult a psychologist as a coach to help them achieve a more fulfilling and satisfactory life.

A vast body of scientific literature exists on the various types of psychotherapeutic theories and interventions. For some issues, it is undeniable that specific techniques are more effective.

Indeed, psychoanalytic psychotherapy is generally not considered a very useful approach. However, for the vast majority of potential clients, treatment results depend far more on the quality of the relationship that develops with the psychotherapist.

Do not hesitate to look for a psychotherapist you feel comfortable with and you believe you will be able to trust!

As for myself, I favor an active and pragmatic method which is oriented towards achieving results.